baby steps gets me so fucking riled up like the magical feeling when your otp becomes canon its amazing

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the holy trinity

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fuck komaeda

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im pretty sure my internet is capped this sucks

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can i ask whats your name on league?? 'v'

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Shinji lkari on OCE

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❤ ❧ ✾ ❂ luv ya ass

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❤ - tumblr user i would date

how about a tumblr user i wouldn’t date: toudoo like whats with cyb? i mean he’s such a shitposting memer i couldn’t imagine anyone dating them…….. but forreals tumblr user owaindark

❧ - other websites i’m on

im playing runescape does that count

✾ - tv series i love

does anime count??

❂ - post a picture of myself

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❤ - tumblr user i would date
❣ - an unpopular opinion I have
★ - my personal blog url
❧ - other websites i’m on
✗ - skype
♣ - my nickname
¤ - my real name
♞ - my age
✾ - tv series i love
◎ - relationship status
◆ - my opinion of you
❂ - post a picture of myself

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"We have two batters in front who can disrupt the opponent. We have batters who can adapt to the situation, and most importantly everyone knows to swing with confidence. This year, we’ll be able to take Narumiya down. Let’s play our baseball until the end." - Yuki Tetsuya
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haikyuu au where tanaka gets the love and recognition he deserves

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September 12th - Happy Birthday Minami Kotori (・8・)

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